St. Anne Gives Back

stanneknittingStudents at St. Anne Catholic School love to be a part of the circle of giving. We hope to instill in our students a heart of service. In the Early Childhood Department, the teachers have chosen Casa Esperanza as their designated charity. Each month, students bring in articles that Casa desperately needs to help young children have a great start in life.

In other grades, teachers may choose Catholic Missionary groups or local organizations to help support. St. Anne students make cards for veterans, donate pennies, and adopt families at the holidays. At the junior high level, students are required to perform a specified number of service hours throughout the year. As their final St. Anne project, graduating 8th graders spend a day working at the Houston Food Bank.

The entire school is committed to Steps for Students, the Archdiocese’s yearly event to raise money for inner city schools. St. Anne students and faculty help raise money, sponsor booths, and participate in the event as runners, cheerleaders and supporters. A portion of the money that is raised from St. Anne supports our “sister school.”

Giving is not limited to the children. The faculty and staff of St. Anne Catholic School adopt a family to help support each year and the School Board and PTO also choose many ways to help in the Houston community.