Junior High (6-8)

The junior high department of St. Anne Catholic School is committed to meeting the educational and emotional needs of adolescents. Students in the junior high have nine class periods per day. Each class is taught by a teacher who has a specialty in the field they teach. All students take courses in English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Religion and Spanish four to five times per week. Additionally junior high students take Physical Education classes and fine arts electives. In the seventh and eighth grade, students choose their elective classes each quarter with classes in the fine arts, computers, journalism, etc. Students are technology proficient by graduation. Exposure to technology happens in several formats from using iPads in Math classes to playing Religion Jeopardy on the interactive white boards. There is a mobile laptop cart for student access as well as availability in the computer lab.

St. Anne Catholic School is also a proud partner of the Duke University Talent Identification Program.  Students who are identified for the program have the opportunity to take part in exciting programs sponsored by Duke University.