Early Childhood (PreK 3 – Kindergarten)

The Early Childhood department of St. Anne Catholic School focuses on the development of the young child. Beginning with the three year old preschool program, the students are given opportunities to develop socially. In the Early Childhood department, each teacher has a teacher’s aide in the classroom. The teacher to student ratio at this level is 9:1. The curriculum focuses on social development through play and centers in a safe and nurturing environment.

The children receive daily instruction in Religion, Math and Language Arts from their classroom teacher and weekly instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, Library and Computer with specialty teachers. All classrooms have a interactive white boards in the room and students are using technology such as this and iPads to be 21st century leaders. At the Kindergarten level, there are three Kindergarten classrooms. This allows us to keep the ratio at a low level while preparing students for the elementary curriculum. Students at this level are focusing on language development and mathematical concepts.